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Hello my name is Dylan and I am a new blogger! (Insert nervous and excited emoji!) If you don’t know already, this blog is going to be about books. I am addicted to books and I just love everything about them; from the world they create, to the author. I hope you enjoy my blog. Today I wanted to do a little Q&A so you get to know me. I directed messaged two of my favorite bookstagramer friends Belinda and Kalli. I hope you enjoy!


So the first is the questions I got are from Kalli. She asked me quite a few questions which was amazing!

First she asked me, what is your favorite genre?

Okay, I was not a big reader until the beginning of 2016. So I feel that is a hard question to answer because all genres are amazing. I think my favorite though is science fiction, I love this genre I find it so intriguing. I love how most of them are based in the future and the end of the world.

Do you prefer series or standalones?

I love them both, but I feel like I like series the best. I love how you get to see how the character grows from the first book to the last book. I like how you can try to predict the ending and most of the time get it wrong, but in standalones I feel like you can start to predict the ending of the book by the middle.

What is your favorite series?

This question is really hard to answer. I love most series, I just find them so good and I feel like I can never put them down. My favorite series though has to be Harry Potter. Harry Potter is just so fun to read and I love the plot twist!

What kind of bookish merch do you like to buy (or want to buy)?

I love bookish merch so much. I think bookish merch is just so pretty and it looks great on your bookshelves and in pictures but I have to say my all time favorite has to be candles. I don’t own any book candles but they just look so pretty.

What’s your favorite part about bookstagram?

Let’s make this clear bookstagram is Instagram only its people with book accounts. My favorite part has to be about the people you meet on there. I like how you can bond with another person about a book in comments. I LOVE how supportive other people are to other people’s bookstagrams.


Next, Belinda ask me some questions. These I had to think a little bit more.

Why did you want to start a blog?

I get this question a lot by friends and family. I wanted to start to blog because I want to be a writer when I’m older. I want to write stories. I want to read more books and have people know my personal opinions on them. I just wanted to learn more and do more in the book community.

What book got me into reading?

Shout out to my 6th grade reading teacher. We had to do a book report and I was having trouble on what book I should read for my book project. I was not really a reader and I found most books really boring, I would always start a book but never finish it. My teacher told me about this book called Esperanza Rising by Pam Muños Ryan. I loved this book so much! I read this book super fast for me at the time, I read this book in 3 days. I could not stop reading. For this project we had 5 months to do it and I finished it in the first 3 days. She was not going to hand out the rubric for the project until a month before the project so I had to find another book to read. So then I read Twilight. (Hahaha) How did I go from Esperanza Rising to Twilight?


Thank you for the lovely help Kalli and Belinda! If you have question please write them in the comments! Thank you for reading. Here is where you can find them!

Kalli’s blog:

Follow Kalli on Instagram: @kmbooks24

Belinda’s Blog:

Follow Belinda on Instagram:  @bookstorm


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